Ingredients are the focal point of what we stand for at Formless Beauty. Curated with hand-picked ingredients and formulated with pure intentions has always remained our number one driving force. Our glosses are the first product we launched when we began our journey, and we could not be more proud of our formulation. 
Not only is our formula hydrating, non-sticky and super high-shine, the overall amazing ingredients deserve to be highlighted. 
Here are 3 of our favorite main ingredients:
1. Our glosses contain Jojoba seed oil, which is rich in Vitamin E, Zinc, Fatty acids, and Vitamin B-Complex to nourish and moisturize your lips. It absorbs quickly, locks in moisture, and protects from the elements. What more can you ask for from a gloss that also performs as well as it looks and feels?


2. They also contain Aloe! Aloe is known to moisturize, prevent aging and also boost healing. It is also full of vitamins and minerals, working to bind moisture in the skin and plump! It leaves your lips feeling silky, smooth and super hydrated!


3. Lastly, Grapefruit Seed Extract is another amazing ingredient infused in our glosses. This acts as a natural preservative, because it contains anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, so it can prevent the growth of any of these harmful microorganisms. As a bonus, grapefruit is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that protect the skin and promote cellular health.  


Check out our 8 gorgeous shades of Formless Beauty Lip Glosses Here so you can experience these incredible ingredients for yourself!