About Formless Beauty

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Lip gloss is my most important accessory, but I could never find a brand that checked all the right boxes of color, consistency, and ingredients.

Making a gloss that I know is vegan, contains simple ingredients you can pronounce, has beautiful shades and doesn't dry out your lips became my mission. And guess what? We did it!

After years of searching for the perfect product, I’m thrilled to introduce my own lip gloss products made by my new company, Formless Beauty, a name inspired by Eckart Tolle.

Formless Beauty's mission is to consistently create high end, gorgeous products that are always vegan, eco-friendly, and contain simple and pure ingredients. We hope to inspire everyone to connect to their formless inner and outer beauty and love living consciously.

To be conscious is not only to be aware of the outside world but also to be awake to the presence inside of you. Each lip gloss is named with an intention and it’s up to you to connect to that formless beauty within yourself to activate it. 

“You are not just a person, you are a conscious and formless presence." - Eckart Tolle.


 Love and Light,