1. Products that are made with simple and pure ingredients can not be kept in stock for a long period of time, as they will spoil. Therefore, we order products in bulk amounts, but only enough to guarantee the ingredients will hold up. All components in any given makeup product begin to break down over time, and that even applies to unopened packages. This breakdown however occurs at a quicker pace when the ingredients are simple and the preservatives are not as strong as ones with all types of nasty chemicals. This is comparable to purchasing fresh food items versus processed ones. The lifetime of traditional makeup is twice that of ours, however they are likely loaded with harmful and synthetic preservatives such as Parabens, BHA/BHT and other ingredients we steer clear from. Remaining true to our intentions and cautious of what we put in our products is a small inconvenience we are willing to endure, to ensure product safety.


2. The industry in general is experiencing some problems getting access to raw materials used in cosmetics.  Even once all the necessary raw materials are accessed and development of the product is underway, every part of the packaging must be available as well, before a product can be ready for final testing. Every batch, whether it is a new product or a restock item, must be regulated and checked for any inconsistency to ensure quality.  


3. Finally, there is a high demand for our products. Our customers are paying attention to the pure ingredients in the products we create and becoming more health cautious in their choices, based on the constant feedback we receive.  We are becoming more aware of the overwhelming demand for our products and working diligently to ensure we remain stocked at all times, however the process can take quite a bit of time. It is our goal moving forward, that our shelves remain full at all times, to keep our customer base happy and stocked with their favorite products. The waiting game is not pleasant for us either, yet we are adamant in making sure that all restocks meet our continuous standards and uphold the quality we look for!