Did you know that gloss, especially one that is hydrating, can make you look more youthful?

Our lips tend to get dry not only with weather change, but also with age. When we apply products that are matte, the creasing and dryness in our lips are usually emphasized. So the number one reason to wear gloss, is for a softer, more youthful appearance. With a layer of gloss, even to top off a matte lip color, you can bring a healthy glow to your lips and overall face!

A second reason you should wear gloss, is due to the high shine that gives the illusion of a more luscious pout! Not everyone wants to resort to a fuller pout through the help of injections. Not that there is anything wrong with that choice, however some prefer the pout without the poking! Ouch! By simply applying a gloss over your bare lips or over another lip product, you automatically create a 3D illusion of plumper lips, rather than flattening it with a matte color. Who doesn’t LOVE that right? 

Lastly, lipgloss is just shiny and simply fun! Who doesn’t love a little or even a lot of sparkle in their makeup routine? Especially with our Formless Beauty glosses that are infused with super high-shine, buildable and non-sticky, you can catch anyone’s eye from a distance. It’s like diamonds on your lips, and doesn’t the saying go, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend?” Well, if you ask us, gloss is also a girl’s best friend, especially a really good one!