Everyone these days is obsessed with the perfect eyebrows! Some of us have thick brows naturally and don’t need to fill them in, but some of us need all the help we can get! I fall into the category of “give me all the help you can!” 


 Here are 4 tips on how to get the perfect eyebrows:


•Tip #1: When picking a brow product, it is important to keep the color a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color- If you have black hair, don’t reach for a black brow product. Instead go for a medium to dark brown, to soften your features. 

 •Tip #2: Pick powder and a brush over a pencil- it’s easier to build with a powder based product because you have more control over it. Pencils tend to look more harsh and are harder on your brows. They can damage the roots of your brow hairs, causing them to fall out, and we definitely don’t want that! 


 •Tip #3: Always start filling in your brows from the ends of your brows and make lighter strokes with whatever product is left on the brush, in the front. The ends of the brows should look darker compared to the front.


 •Tip #4: Finally, a box-y square front of the brow makes your features appear more harsh versus a slightly natural, rounded front of the brow.