Whether you’re someone who loves to wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis or you prefer the natural, barely there type of makeup, you need these 5 products in your makeup drawer:


1. Eyelash Curler - An eyelash curler is a girl’s best friend because even if you don’t wear any mascara, curling your lashes makes you look more awake and brings freshness to your face. It almost looks like you have makeup on, when in reality it is just an enhancement of your lashes to give your eyes a lift.


2. A Full Coverage Concealer - A concealer that has maximum coverage is not only a life-saver for those tough mornings and under-eye darkness, but it can be used all over the face as spot treatment for any blemishes, as well as an eye primer for any eye makeup you decide to apply. This one product can be multi-purpose, meanwhile providing full coverage in the case of a full glam as well. A little trick is to apply concealer on the inner corner of the eyes as well as the outer corner of the eyes and drag out to temples. Then using a sponge blend it out for a brighter, more youthful and lifted appearance.


3. A Tinted Moisturizer - A tinted moisturizer is perfect to apply by itself, but can also be applied under a foundation for a full coverage look. Tinted moisturizers act as a moisturizer to nourish the skin, with the bonus of a built-in tint, providing some coverage. For those days that you have no time and need to rush out of the house, a tinted moisturizer all over the face gives more even-ness to the skin along with a healthy glow. It is the perfect light, no-makeup illusion, that makes your skin appear even-toned and beautiful.

4. Mascara - Just a little bit of mascara can contribute to the entire face looking lifted. A slight curl with that eyelash curler of yours and a coat of mascara can bring life to your eyes and make you look put together. This especially makes a great difference for someone with lighter or blonde lashes and light eyes, as the mascara will make the eye color pop even more.

5. Lip Gloss- A lip gloss, a non-sticky one that feels more like a lip balm, such as the Formless Beauty gloss, is a final must in every women’s makeup drawer. Depending on the weather, our lips tend to crack, look dry and unhealthy throughout the year. Just like our skin needs nourishment, so do our lips. A lip gloss not only brings some fun and shine to the lips, but the moisturizing affect and balm-like feeling, nourishes them. However, not all lip glosses are created equal. For the best kind of nourishment and formula, choose a shade from Formless Beauty to ensure your lips get the best treatment all year round!