One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to makeup is how to prevent eyeshadow from creasing. Although it seems to be a complicated and loaded question, there are actually simple solutions and steps in achieving a perfect, creaseless application every time.


1. The first step in creating a creaseless shadow look goes beyond the first makeup product. It starts with skincare. Most people like to lather their face with oils, moisturizers and creams to make sure their skin is hydrated and not dry before makeup application. Eye creams and serums seem to be a popular item during the prepping of the skin, however here is where most people make their first mistake! Any type of oil-based products around the eyes can create a slippery base for the shadows, rather than a solid one that stays put all day. Before the base application, make sure your lids are free of all oils, including natural oils your body creates. Pat dry with a napkin if necessary and begin.


2. When applying eyeshadow, always start with a base. Think of the base of your eye as the base or foundation of a building. If it is not laid out with a solid first step, the rest of the structure will crumble and fall. In the same way, if the base of your shadow is not made to hold the product, your eyes will crease and ruin any efforts of a beautiful application meant to last. With that said, an eye base refers to an eye primer also known as an eyeshadow primer. A heavy, full coverage concealer will also work as a primer.


3. Once the primer is placed on the lids, blend it out with a brush and make sure there are no creases. This step is very important before setting the eye area with a loose powder, because if the primer already looks creased, the setting powder will set it with a crease. Therefore, make sure you pat down and blend out the primer evenly and set it with a powder before applying your first shadow shade.


4. The first color you apply should be the second layer of your base, meaning it is a color closest to your skin tone, but a shade darker. It is to emphasize the crease of the eye, and further sets the primer in place, extending a second layer of protection for the eye makeup to grip on to.


5. The more you build the eye with different dimensions and shades, the more your eye makeup is prone to staying in place since the base is strong and in tact.


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