These days it seems like everywhere you turn, the spider-like lashes are staring at you. Well, we couldn’t deal with that drama anymore and decided to curate the perfect lashes for all eyes and shapes! Whether you’re someone who loves a good lash, or the thought of applying lashes terrifies you, we have you covered. Jenny and her makeup artist, Angee, were tired of going on a hunt for the perfect lash every time they had a glam session, and so they decided to make their own! Say hello to Luster and Flutter, your new best friends!


Flutter: Our Flutter Lash is a sultry, voluminous, medium-length lash. This style is shorter in the front and flares out towards the ends, with a beautiful V-shaped pattern throughout. It is the perfect length for a glamorous day, or a fun night out. This lash compliments most eye shapes.

Luster: Our Luster lash is a wispy, flared lash that provides medium-volume and length. The wispy effect blends beautifully with your own lashes and adds a flirty touch. This lash compliments most eye shapes.


Everyone loves an elevated look, but no one wants discomfort, of course! Not only are our lashes vegan, cruelty-free, and faux mink; they are also 3D, look and feel like real mink and are fluffy unlike other lashes that look and feel plastic.

And the best part? They are stunning, comfortable with a thin band, can be worn up to 15 times and unlike other popular brands, don’t overpower your eyes and brows with their ridiculous length. Lashes that are made for everyday wear, but perfect for a night out! You can’t go wrong with either style, so pick your favorite (or both), and feel fabulous!

Try our lashes here and see for yourselves! You'll never need to find another false lash again!