With Fall officially here and the weather cooling down, our skin needs all the help it can get from drying out. We always seem to look for the best moisturizers for our face and our bodies to tackle any cracking, but we often neglect our lips. If you’re someone who carries around lip balm all the time, but also likes to look glam, we have the solution for you!  Our lipglosses are packed with Aloe in each bottle and they keep your lips not only looking gorgeous, but feeling amazing! Why be boring with a chapstick, when you can have all the feel of a balm, with all the shine of a gloss? 

All our colors are gorgeous for any occasion and season, and the infused glitters with the perfect transparency of our colors, together, compliment everyone. No matter what skin tone, hair color or eye color you have, you will be able to apply all of our glosses with ease and confidence, that they will not only look beautiful on you, but your lips will feel amazing in them.  

So this Fall, ditch that drugstore chapstick and get your hands on some luxury lip care, while looking like a million bucks! We bet our Formless glosses will have you reapplying all season long just to keep feeling the moisture and hydration it has to offer. So grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte, throw on some Formless gloss and FALL in love with the BEST your lips have ever felt!