-It is important, like with any mascara, to curl your lashes prior to application.


-Our formula is buildable, therefore the first layer alone may not give the “wow effect”. With any buildable product, it is meant to give a light effect, and then increase to a more dramatic effect as you build. This is done to provide an everyday look to a more dramatic look, based on preference. 


-Since our mascara is derived from primarily natural ingredients and buildable, allowing one minute of drying time between applications is important for best results. Once the product is dry, a second coat will grip to the lashes better, thickening the lashes, while avoiding clumping. 


-Although our formula is not water-proof, it is water-resistant. Not being water proof requires time for the product, like any mascara, to dry down before any heat is applied to lash area. Examples of heat application before dry down time include:
Taking a steaming bath, blow drying your hair, going into humidity, etc.


-For best results, avoid any oil based creams/products around the eyes before mascara application, as this will create a slippery base near lashes.

-As with any mascara, give it a week to break it in! A fresh bottle and applicator need a few strokes to get the product going. Once the bristles grip the product a few times, the application will keep getting better and better!

Mascara is one of the best ways to enhance our eyes, and with a healthier alternative, you will not only feel great about what you apply, but you will look amazing doing it!