No matter how much makeup you like to wear, a lot or none at all, every girl should carry some beauty essentials in her daily bag! For me, it’s always the bare minimum, but definitely a must when it comes to these five products! 


  1. Although I’m a complete glam girl, I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, especially when running errands. However, the number one product I always have in my bag is a lip gloss. I can literally have nothing on my face, but my Formless gloss (at times, even a couple different shades) is always in my bag! I use it as a lip balm and it makes me feel fresh and beautiful all on its own! With a bare face, I will admit, my favorites are Love and Majestic! 

  1. The next item I have to always have with me is a good SPF sunscreen or a Tinted Moisturizer with built in sunscreen! This is a must because as we age, the sun can really take a toll on our skin. I wish I started caring at a younger age, but it’s never too late to start. It’s one of the best ways you can start your self-care journey! Also, even if there is no sun, you STILL need to protect your skin! 

  1. I don’t go anywhere without hand lotion! My hands tend to get dry, especially in the Fall and it is the most uncomfortable feeling to feel your skin stretching. Just like I love my lips being hydrated, I also must have my body feeling smooth and moisturized! 

  1. My eyelash curler is my best friend! I mean do I even have lashes, if I didn’t curl them? Haha! I don’t go anywhere without curling them, because they make me feel awake. They also show off my lashes, because although I have long lashes, when they are not curled, you can not see their full potential! Curling them, then carrying my curler with me to give them a mid-day fluff, is another way I feel my best even with minimal makeup on! 

  1. Lastly, I ALWAYS carry eye drops! If you’re someone who has sensitive eyes, the sun can tire them out and turn them red, and the wind can dry them out! I’m more of the sensitive eyes turning red type of girl, so my eye drops really give me a boost in feeling fresh, mid-day! I literally carry it with me all the time to refresh my eyes and make them look crystal clear and less tired as the day progresses! 

These are just the bare essentials in my bag all the time, that really make me feel amazing! It’s the little things that help me feel beautiful and refreshed, especially on a busy day! So, what are your must-haves in your daily bag?


-Angee Garibyan, Professional Makeup Artist