I used to stay away from lipgloss not only for use on my own lips, but for my clients as well. Anytime a client would request lipgloss to top off her lipstick, I would cringe. That is because any lipgloss I ever used would move around the product underneath, turn messy, and thicken the texture of the lips.

That’s until Formless Beauty glosses made their appearance. The first time I tried the glosses, I immediately fell in love with not only the texture but how comfortable it felt on my lips. I can’t stop talking about how amazing these glosses truly are, and trust me when I say in the past 8 years of doing makeup professionally, I have tried them ALL! The best way I can describe Formless Beauty glosses are, “a gloss that has all the shine of your traditional gloss, with all the creaminess, moisture, and comfort of your favorite lip balm.” It’s as if the two worlds merged, creating the perfect product your lips will thank you for with every application.

This is definitely a staple in my kit now, and all my clients who try it become obsessed. Aside from being so comfortable on, the ingredients are vegan, cruelty free and simply pure, which makes you feel even more comfortable in using it consistently. If you asked my before about glosses, I would say steer clear, but if a gloss can feel this good, I’m here for it!


-Angee, Pro Makeup Artist