This is a topic that seems to be of confusion for more people than you’d think, and it is a vital one. According to professional makeup artist and Director of Products for Formless Beauty, Angee, your brushes are the most important part of applying makeup and yet can be the most damaging to your skin. How often you clean them can make a huge difference in how your makeup applies, as well as how your skin looks!

The short answer to how often your brushes should be cleaned is, after every use. Yes, it sounds like a lot of work and maintenance, but imagine not washing off your toothbrush every time you brush your teeth. It's like leaving the residual toothpaste on your brush and then adding more the next time you brush your teeth. That doesn’t sound hygienic does it? Well, it is the same concept when it comes to your makeup brushes.

Each time you use a makeup brush, product is applied to it and buildup starts forming in the little bristles. Not getting rid of that buildup causes bacteria to grow in the brush, and the more dense the brush is, the more residue builds up, leading to eventual mold. Then this mold is unknowingly applied to our face. The same thing applies to makeup sponges. Every time you use one of these sponges, it is recommended that you wash the makeup off before the next application. Angee says, “a lot of times people think that just because they are the only ones using their brushes and there is no transfer of tools, this somehow makes it okay to leave them dirty. The logic is, ‘well, no-one but me uses them and I know my face is clean.’ Even if this is the case, you are still transferring product residue and possible air contaminants that have settled on your brushes/sponges, and then applying those back onto your face with every new application. Furthermore, not only is this not sanitary, it is also not allowing you to get the best kind of application." Fresh brushes are always best for a smooth application and for professional blending to be achieved!

With this, a lot of people may think no one has the time to wash their brushes after every use. This is a valid point, as washing the brushes also takes a while for them to dry, in order to be ready for the next application. One easy solution to this is Angee’s favorite holy grail brush cleaner from Cinema Secrets. It seems like a magic potion that cleans the toughest makeup off of your brushes in seconds and the best part - it dries within a few seconds. The best way to clean with this product is to pour some product into a disposable cup, dip each brush individually into the liquid, swirl a couple times and wipe it off on a clean towel. This particular product and method will guarantee clean brushes and a clear face every time!

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