Everyone has favorite beauty products that they can not live without and products they have tried that just did not live up to all the hype.  Being someone who has been in the Entertainment Industry for a a very long time, Jenny McCarthy has seen and tried them all! This Summer she is sharing her top 6 beauty products that she swears by.  


1. Of course number one on Jenny’s list is her own line of lipgloss from Formless Beauty. After searching for the perfect lipgloss for years, she created her own with the perfect formula to meet her strict standards. She does not go anywhere without her non-sticky, hydrating and moisturizing, high-shine gloss. Even if she isn’t wearing an ounce of makeup, her gloss is always a must!

2. Next on her list is “Salon in a Bottle Root Touch Up.” Jenny says she loves this product for when her grays come in. A simple spray on the roots covers the stubborn grays and looks just like hair rather than powder. Unlike other root cover products that leave a powdery residue and look messy, this one looks very natural, and Jenny swears by it.

3. Organifi Gold Superfood Dietary Supplement is another one of Jenny’s top favorite products to indulge in, when that sweet tooth kicks in. She loves to drink this warm to replace her habit of eating chocolate as a late night snack. It gives her the satisfaction of something sweet, but at the same time it is actually good for you.

4. The Almay Biodegradable Longwear & Waterproof Eye & Makeup Remover Pads are another product that Jenny has discovered and can not live without. She says that removing makeup, especially during the heavy makeup days of Masked Singer had become a difficult task and was taking its toll on her eyelashes. Having to use heavy lashes as well as remove that lash glue every day starting making her lashes vulnerable from all the scrubbing. Once she came across these makeup removing pads and saw how gentle and easy it was to remove it all, it is all she ever uses.

5. Another hair product Jenny loves is the Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray. It gives that gorgeous Hollywood shine to the hair and makes it look luxurious and silky smooth. This product can be used for multiple purposes and styles, whether you are flat-ironing hair or curling and then spraying it for that final shine. It can even be used as a finishing spray on updos. If you want Hollywood hair, this product is a must!

6. Have you ever wondered how some people have a stunning, perfect tan all year round? How some celebrities have that glowing, bronzed skin on the red carpet? Well, of course not all of them use this exact product, but Jenny is obsessed with it and now has Donnie hooked too. She was first introduced to it on Masked Singer by her makeup artist and hasn’t use anything else since! Unlike other products, this does not get streaky, and it dries within a few quick minutes. The shades are perfect and there is no overpowering smell, which is plus for Jenny.


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