Many women over 50 look at makeup tutorials and always have one question. “How can I achieve a flawless look, considering I am not 20 anymore?”  The answer can be very simple if you follow one rule... The more makeup you apply to your face, the more you are going to emphasize what you are trying to minimize.

Therefore, the simple answer is to take the “minimalist” approach.  Here are some pro tips on getting a youthful outcome for women over 50:


1. First things first, as we get older, our skin loses elasticity and tends to be on the drier side.  Given this, the process of makeup begins before you apply the first makeup item to your face. It starts with great skin care. Do your routine skin care regimen (and if you don’t already have one, that is the first step you need to figure out).  After skin care, apply a hydrating moisturizer all the way to your under eyes and bring it all the way down to your neck. We often pay little attention to our neck area, however great makeup includes the neck!

2. Next, prep the skin with a glowing/hydrating primer. Avoid using a mattifying primer, as the goal is to achieve a glowy outcome.

3. Apply a little bit of concealer only to the areas that actually need it.

4. With your choice of foundation, keep it light and liquid based. Cream foundations can give a heavy appearance to the face, emphasizing fine lines and pores.

5. Use as little powder products as possible, including blush and highlight.

6. Use a pink toned or peachy toned blush versus red.

7. Use translucent powder to set the areas that usually tend to crease. This holds the makeup in place longer, while not giving an overall powdered, matte look.

8. Finally, for lips, use peachy or pink shades. 
Add gloss versus a matte lip, as it makes you look more youthful.

Our Formless Beauty glosses are perfect by themselves or as toppers to give you that final glow. They hydrate and give you the extra sparkle to complete your look!