When we think of applying mascara, we often don’t put much thought into the process. However, there are two types of people when it comes to mascara application. One group who thinks it is a quick swipe and go, and another group that almost performs a ritual with multiple steps. If you want to know the truth, the application of the same great mascara can have two very different outcomes, based on which group you fall under. To start off, this is not to point out a group that is wrong, or criticize the way one prefers their lashes to look.  It is simply to point out that taking one approach versus the other, can make a world of difference between a product being just okay, and being AMAZING!

Having safer ingredients in our mascara is the number one driving force for us as a company, and we want our customers to feel the same.  Feeling amazing in the product, and looking beautiful at the same time is a priority. We want to make sure that your eyes stay healthy, but want to show you how to also make them look flawless.  

Here are some tips for DO’S:

⁃ Make sure you apply all your other eye makeup, including concealer, eyeshadow, before applying your mascara.
⁃ Curl your lashes prior to application.
⁃ Make sure there are no wet bases, oils, oil-based products around your eyes, that have not been set properly with powder.
⁃ Apply mascara from the roots of your lashes all the way up to the tips.
⁃ Allow to dry one minute before applying a second or third coat.
⁃ Apply in horizontal movements towards the roots of your lashes and move to vertical at the tips.

Although this make take a little more time than you anticipated, remember beautiful results are never rushed.

Here are some tips for DONT’S:

⁃ Don’t apply mascara to your bottom lashes first, and wait until upper lashes are completely done before doing your lower lashes. In case you decide to add a layer to the upper lashes after you just applied mascara to your lower lashes, the product will smear when you look down, and give you raccoon eyes. The product needs time to dry down.
⁃ Don’t pump your mascara in the tube as this allows oxygen into the tube, and will pump out excess product, causing leakage.
⁃ Don’t apply mascara before eyeliner, whether inside our on the outer rim of the eye, as this will cause the roots of the lashes to move around, creating a messy, clumpy look.
⁃ Don’t apply mascara before you have put in your contacts, if you are someone who wears contact lenses. This will cause the product to leak, even if you are a pro.
⁃ Don’t apply mascara and go into the heat before it dries down, especially if you have oily skin, in order to avoid leakage.

With a few extra steps, you will elevate your lashes from basic to beautiful.