What shades are your Summer go-to’s this year? Summer is always the time for vibrant colors, light formulas and it’s all about THAT GLOW! Sun-kissed cheeks and a pop of color on the lips that doesn’t feel heavy! Am I right? Well, what better formula and gorgeous shades to pick from than Formless Beauty! Spotlighting our three picks for Summer 2022 with Love, Majestic and Dream! Each with it’s own unique shade, unbeatable formula and shimmer, you can’t go wrong no matter which one you pick! 

LOVE is a lovely baby pink lip gloss, infused with iridescent pink & silver glitter. If you only have time to apply one makeup item this Summer, all you really need is LOVE! It's the most stunning shade of pink you will ever own! So girly, so luscious and creamy! You’ll get all the shine and color, without ever drying out.
DREAM is a dreamy bubble gum pink lip gloss, infused with silver glitter and hydrates your lips with a never-sticky, high-shine finish. It feels super light on the lips and compliments all skin tones. Imagine your Barbie dreams coming true in this beautiful pink! Although it looks darker in the bottle, it is the perfect amount of Summer time pink to light up your face with that beautiful glow!
MAJESTIC is a peachy gloss, infused with shimmery gold glitter. Watch people be captivated by the shine and beauty you radiate when you pick this as your Summer shade! It has a peach glow like none other! 


Unmatched in their texture and tone, you can’t go wrong with any of these shades for your Summer days! Glam and glow without all the nasty stickiness and heavy feeling! I think you have some shopping to do!