The Correct Order to Apply Your Makeup

-According to a Professional Makeup Artist


The most common question I get as a makeup artist is “Why do you always start makeup with the eyes?” Now you may not get your makeup done professionally, but you may wonder about this same question when doing your own makeup. From a professional point of view, the eyes are where the makeup process should begin for a few reasons.


Prepping the eyes with a primer and applying the shadows can result in fallout around the corners of the eyes as well as under the eyes. If the face makeup is already in place, you would have to remove the parts where the shadows fell, thus having to redo what you had already done once. After doing the eyeshadow, the next step is to apply the face makeup; foundation, concealer, contour, etc.


The last step is to fill in the brows. The reason the brows come in last is so you can wipe out any excess makeup/powders trapped in the hairs, and fill them in with a clean base. Overall, although these steps are not mandatory to follow, they do simplify the application process and make it run more smoothly. Following these steps will allow less room for error and frustration while trying to achieve any look.