Skin undertone:

You may already be thinking “how do I even know what my skin undertone is,” right? Well, first of all let’s define what a skin undertone means. Everyone has a tone under their skin that always remains the same. It is unchanging, because that is the “base” that determines the melanin in our skin.  This tone remains unchanged even when we tan, because it is the foundation of our skin. 

Here are some easy ways I found, that you can determine whether you fall under the cool, neutral or warm undertone.

  1. What color do you look your best in? If the answer is vibrant tones or earth tones, like oranges, browns, yellows and bright pinks, you are warm. If you answered more towards pastels, you likely fall under the cooler undertones. If you answered both, then your undertone is neutral.

  1. What jewelry compliments your skin tone? If it’s more silvers, you are considered to have cool undertones. If you answered golds, you are more likely to have warm undertones. However if both are your go-to and you can rock both, then you have neutral undertones.

  1. Let’s get to blush! Do you like yourself in pinks or peachy tones? Pinkish tones compliment cooler undertones and peachy looks stunning on warm undertones. Once again, if you love yourself in both, you likely have neutral undertones!

  1. Do you turn red under the sun? Or do you tan easily? Cool undertones tend to burn easy and give off a pink hue rather than brown, under the sun. However someone with warmer undertones, picks up the sun’s rays and tans easily. 

The amazing thing about Formless Beauty glosses is that all our shades compliment all skin tones! However, if we had to categorize them, we would pick Love and Majestic for cooler undertones for they represent more of the pastel tones in our collection. Manifest, Divine and Dream would be the perfect match for warmer undertones and if you are neutral, you’re in luck! You have just found 5 gorgeous matches to add to your lip gloss collection!

Hair color: 

Did you know your hair color can help you find your best lip shade match? We usually don’t think certain elements in our appearance matter when it comes to choosing a lip shade, however they make a huge difference! Brunettes are known to look gorgeous in tones such as our one of a kind Divine gloss! The muted Ruby tone compliments dark hair like none other! A match made in Heaven! 

If you’re a blonde, look no further than our Dream and Love glosses! Each with a different tint of pink, offers itself as the perfect pair with a blondie!  Blonde hair and pink lips will never not be the perfect duo in our book! Even if you wear no other makeup with your blonde hair, luscious pink lips are enough to be a showstopper all on their own! 

If you are a red-head, Majestic has your name written all over it, but so does Divine! These two shades will have you getting compliments left and right! Lastly for all you lovely gray-hair beauties, mauve tones are your best friend and we have just the perfect shade for you! Manifest is our plum-mauve tone that is infused with gold and silver glitters. It is one of our best sellers and will have you not wanting to wear any other gloss! 

Eye Color:

Last but not least, your eye color can also be a helpful guide in choosing the right shade of lip gloss for you! 

If you have brown eyes, the best colors to lean towards in terms of light and dark, are dark pink and light nudes. Two of our closest shades for brown eyes are Dream and Majestic! Dream definitely delivers on the more pigmented pink element, where as Majestic has a peachy nude key note! 

For blue eyes, shades such as orangey-reds and light pinks do wonders! From our Formless collection, Divine and Love are the ultimate matches for a blue-eyed beauty! Also, based on the color wheel, a complementary color for blue is orange, so that totally makes sense! 

If you have green eyes, plums and light beige tones are the perfect lip shades for you. Adding these tones to your collection can transform your makeup game! Our Manifest gloss would be stunning on you and beautifully complement your eye color!

For those of you who have hazel eyes, peachy tones are your best choice for a lip color. Anything that has a peachy tint will make you glow! Our Majestic gloss may just be what you are looking for. Infused with gold glitter, and the ultimate shine, you will be turning heads in any room!

As a makeup artist, when I look at a person’s face, all these elements somehow become a determining factor in how I decide to do their makeup. From skin tone and undertones, to hair color and eye color, every product and shade I choose relates back to these 3 main factors. Therefore, when choosing your own lip shades, it is also important to not limit, but highly consider these points in order to achieve the best look for you!