What’s Your Shade for the Holidays?

When the holidays come around, it’s always about family gatherings, the amazingly delicious menu and of course the question of what you’re going to wear! For me, my outfit and makeup are always an exciting part, because I get to be festive and even be a little extra! I mean WHY NOT?!

With all the getting ready and wanting to look glamorous, my concern is always having to carry my lip products, because let’s face it, what’s a holiday if you can’t eat all day? With all that eating however, not only are we ruining our lipstick, but we are also ingesting what’s on our lips.

With Formless Beauty glosses, that will be the LEAST of your worries at the dinner table this year! With five gorgeous shades to choose from, you won’t go wrong no matter which shade you decide on. Did we also mention that our bundles make for stunning gifts for your loved ones? Who doesn’t love to add a gloss that's non-sticky, and made with simple ingredients to their collection? We’ve got your gift giving covered!

Pick any shade of pink to complete a very glamorous look, or pop on a shine with a simple bare face, if that’s more your vibe. If you like sticking to “holiday” colors, Majestic and Divine are the perfect fit for Thanksgiving! So, what’s your shade for the Holidays?