Brushes make all the difference-actually, good makeup brushes make all the difference. I cannot count the number of times I am asked about makeup application as an artist and the number one question is always, “How can I learn to do my own makeup like you?” I mean let’s be real! Learning to be good at makeup takes practice and then some more practice. I have been doing makeup for 10 years and I am constantly still practicing with every application. However, there is a definite first and easy step to becoming better, and that begins with the right tools. Just like in any profession, having the right tools to get your work done is essential. A marketer needs the right marketing tools, apps, etc. to be good at what he/she does. A painter needs the right brushes to make every stroke perfect in his/her painting, and in the same way, someone with the desire to apply makeup needs the right brushes. Brushes solve 50% of the problem when it comes to correct and precise makeup application and blending, if you ask me!

Too often I witness clients and friends doing their entire makeup with two brushes that look like roadkill and need resuscitation, or using their fingers to apply. It used to amaze me, until I learned that the majority of people do this. I felt like a failure, when I realized my own mother uses a half destroyed powder brush to do her entire face and a shadow brush that comes in a compact and should be tossed away. This is also another contributing factor to why we curated The Master Brush set for Formless Beauty. It began as a way to rescue those immediately in my circle, while catering to the masses who are struggling with the same “one brush for all” symptom.

The Master Brush set is a must have in anyone’s kit and makeup routine, no matter how much or how little makeup you apply. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, it will make your makeup application easy and flawless.  In order to achieve a beautiful makeup look, the placement of the makeup matters as much as what you are using for the placement. The right amount of fluff, softness, firmness, shape and material of the brush are all important factors in creating the perfect brush, and we did just that! 12 stunning brushes that look, feel, and perform beautifully, at a price that is unbeatable, given it’s quality and durability.

- Angee, Director of Products, Professional MUA

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