Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

There are many reasons why women choose to wear makeup, whether it is a simple mascara, blush and lip gloss type of look or a full-blown glamorous one. If we had to put our bet on the top three reasons, they would be as follows:

1. Applying makeup boosts our confidence! Whether you are someone who is a professional makeup artist and knows what she’s doing or you are just someone who loves makeup, but sticks to the basics, you can not deny how amazing you feel when you put on some makeup. Applying some concealer, a little blush, gloss, and some mascara, wakes you up in the morning and you feel ready and energized to conquer the day. When you know you look good, you automatically feel good and radiate positivity wherever you go. It is such a simple gesture, however a boost in our confidence really does give us a head start to a brighter and more joyful day.


2. Applying makeup is a form of SELF-CARE! Whether you are single, married or have a family, we know one thing for sure. Self-care is necessary for our sanity in today’s hectic world. A simple routine in the mornings of applying some skin care, doing our hair and putting on some makeup gives us a few minutes to unwind, be with our own thoughts and distract our minds from the daily rush and responsibilities. At times this may be hard, especially with kids, but ladies, THIS is when you tell dad he needs to step in. A few minutes in the day to take care of ourselves can determine how our entire day proceeds.

3. Finally, it is a form of feeling complete and expressing ourselves. A lot of women will say they do not feel complete unless they get dressed and put on makeup before leaving the house. This makes them feel more put together and powerful, and is a sense of self-expression. Some women have a very vibrant personality and love to express it through bold shadows and lipstick colors. Some however love to just enhance their beauty through tinted moisturizers, lip balms and a coat of mascara, to to feel more feminine. Regardless of preference and contrary to a long-debated false belief, one thing is sure! Women have far more important reasons for applying makeup, than that of impressing men.