Every time you apply cosmetic products to your face, you should question how it is formulated! You’re probably thinking “who has time for that", or “it’s just makeup how bad can it be?” Considering all the metals and chemicals in most products, it can be really bad to say the least!


Did you know that metals in the formulation of cosmetics can easily be absorbed through your skin and accumulate over time, causing harm to your internal organs? Scary right? Why would these ingredients ever be approved let alone end up on your face? We keep wondering the same thing, which is why we created a brand that is dedicated to simple and pure ingredients that are good for you. 


Based on a recent study, “the average cosmetics user has 2.2 kilograms (which equates to 4.8 pounds of cosmetic ingredients) enter their body every year!” We had to read that a couple times ourselves to really absorb the stats! With that said, “after 40 years, this will amount to 88 kilograms (194 pounds).” Can you even comprehend this insanity? This is why ingredient safety is so extremely important to us and should be to you as well! 


READ! RESEARCH! REVIEW, and be super cautious of what you apply on your face daily. 


We are ecstatic about developing more amazing products you can rely on to be good for you. We have enough nasty elements in our daily surroundings; the last thing we need is to intentionally intake more of it, ironically as part of our beauty regimen.