At times, we all have the guilty pleasure of indulging in products that have a familiar, sweet or a fresh smell to them. However, there are also those instances where we avoid products due to their strong or unpleasant smell. 

Whether you are someone who enjoys a scent in your products or avoids it altogether, fragrance in your make up is a topic definitely worth shedding light on.

Your lip gloss may smell like fresh cucumbers, but it could be far from being pure! Fragrance is known to be one of the leading causes in allergic contact dermatitis, and can also lead to other skin conditions. It has also been linked to eczema, as well as hives and other skin irritations. If you have any sensitivity to smells, added fragrance in your makeup can be your skin’s worst nightmare. 

Did you also know, that a lot of companies use fragrance to sneak in hormone disruptors into their products? Crazy right? That is a topic all it’s own, but once in your system, hormone disruptors NEVER LEAVE! Scary to say the least!

These are just some of the leading reasons to why we chose to make our products fragrance free. If you have asthma, allergies or any other sensitivities, inhaled irritants found in fragrances can trigger a reaction. We have taken careful measures with our products, to ensure you have peace of mind with every application!