We did it! We curated the perfect brush set to help you with all your makeup application needs!

Formless Beauty’s Master Brush Set is the ideal collection of essential brushes to achieve any makeup look. The set includes 12 carefully curated brushes housed in a stunning brush holder, and hand-picked by a professional makeup artist to become a must-have item not only for pro artists, but any makeup lover. From the softest vegan bristles, to the beautiful and durable ebony wood handles, this set ensures a flawless, professional-grade makeup application. Unlike conventional brush sets, every brush comes with a thoughtful purpose in mind, to ensure the most intentional and effective application possible.

The Master Brush Set is where luxury meets performance! If you ever wondered what each brush is for or how to use them, we have the solution. Our brushes are numbered and to help simply even further, below is a list of what each brush is meant to accomplish!

Step 1- Purchase the Master Brush Set

Step 2- Follow along with the list below for the perfect application every time!:


Brush 01- Large Eye-Blending Brush

Brush 02-Medium Eye-Blending Brush

Brush 03-Crease Blending Brush

Brush 04-Lid Application Brush

Brush 05-Detail Blending Brush

Brush 06-Micro-detail Blending Brush

Brush 07-Concealer / Corrector Brush

Brush 08-Eyebrow / Eyeliner Brush

Brush 09-Bronzer Brush

Brush 10- Blush Brush

Brush 11- Highlight Brush

Brush 12-Large Face Powder Brush


Try our Master Brush set here, and experience how luxury meets performance!